On Friday, March 2, 1990, a short advertisement appeared in the Tryon Daily Bulletin asking “Unitarians, Humanists, or other like-minded persons who would be interested in forming a Thermal Belt Fellowship” to call a local telephone number.

The first meeting of of the Thermal Belt UU community (TBUUF) was held at the home of one of the twenty attendees. The group established a format, chose officers, and agreed to conduct meetings twice a month. On June 3, the Fellowship began meeting at the Tryon Youth Center. Among its first articles of incorporation was this statement: “The Fellowship is bound by the common purpose of human betterment through the never-ending search for truth. In accordance with advancing knowledge and the growing vision of humankind, the Fellowship is committed to freedom of belief. Unified in spirit, the Fellowship holds a diversity of convictions. We believe in the importance of a religious community that recognizes the worth and dignity of each human being.”

In January 2019, the TBUU fellowship changed it’s name to Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Carolina Foothills (UUFCF).  Since 2001, the following ministers have conducted services and been available for pastoral needs:

2023 – present  Rev. Ernest Mills & Rev. Sally Beth Shore

2019 – 2022 Rev. Lyndon Harris

2017 – 2019 Rev. Ernest Mills

2015- 2017 Rev. Michael Carter

2013-15  Rev. SB Shore

2007-2013  Rev. Jean Rowe

2002-2006  Rev. Dr. Maureen Kiloran

2001-2002 Rev. Meg Barnhouse