April 21, 2019 Meeting at our new Location


We hope to see you Sunday, April 21 at 10:30 am at our new location at Sunnydale located near the Dollar General Store at 334 South Trade Street in Tryon. Please do not park in spaces by the Dollar General or your vehicle may be towed.

 Lyndon Harris will share about the “A Kaleidoscope of Faiths: A Conversation about Easter and Passover” The majority of the world’s Christians observe Easter on April 21. The Jewish holiday of Passover begins on Friday, April 19 and continues through April 27. These two faith traditions have had a significant impact on Western culture and history. But what might they mean for us today? Bypassing the conundrum of a resurrected body, the Rev. F. Forrester Unitarian Church of All Soul in New York City approaches Easter by delving into the question that Jesus’ death poses to each of us: “Are we living in such a way that our lives will prove worth dying for?” In other words, are we living lives committed to our most cherished principles of dignity and respect, compassion and kindness for all? This Easter will present an opportunity for us to explore and recommit ourselves to our most cherished values.

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