In-person Service August 15, 2021

After the “Forever Wars”:

Possibilities for Conflict Transformation and Peacemaking in Afghanistan and Why It Deeply Matters to Us Today – Lyndon Harris



US forces are being withdrawn from Afghanistan, after a generation of fighting against the Taliban, a war precipitated by the Taliban’s attacks on the US in 2001. The withdrawal, while expedient for the US, has created a leadership vacuum, already being filled by the encroachment of Taliban forces and leadership. But despite the political chaos, many humanitarian organizations are active and standing courageously in the breach. One in particular, “Roots of Peace” has had a singular focus for almost 20 years: clearing fields littered with landmines and turning them into fertile vineyards to grow grapes – literally “turning swords into plowshares.” Since 2003, they have removed over 100,000 landmines and unexploded bombs, and helped over 1 million farmers across eight countries. Hear the amazing story of this organization, its CEO, Heidi Kuhn, and how we might participate in their vital work for the healing of Afghanistan, and the world.

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