In-person Service January 2, 2022

Auld Lang Syne and a Search for the Divine with Lyndon Harris

Sunday, January 2, 2022  10:30AM

Whimsical World Gallery, 116 Jones St., Landrum, SC


Endings and new beginnings inspire our thinking about new ways of being in the world: New Year’s resolutions, changes of heart, and promises we make to ourselves and others that we will (or will not) do certain things. “I’m going on a diet.” “I plan to start meditating.” or “This year I will quit smoking (but not until December).” or “This year I’m going on a digital diet – to reduce my intake of social media.” or “This year I will ______ ” (you fill in the blank).


As I grow older, the passing of time, and these year-endings/year-beginnings remind me of my mortality, and of the finitude of life. I have begun to think about legacy issues: “What do I want to do with the time I have left? How would I like to be remembered?” All of us, each in our own way, engage these thoughts on some level. I think that’s why we make resolutions. What do you think? Join us for a discussion on the spirituality of commitments, resolutions and living intentionally.

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