Service Feb 19, 2023

The Greatest Love

Rev. Sally Beth Shore

Sunday, February 19 10:30AM

Whimsical World Gallery, Landrum, SC

It’s the month of hearts and flowers, and chocolates, ugh, can we really stand to hear more about love? You bet! I know that Valentine’s Day may have left us gagging with sentimental expressions of affection, but let’s use this as a point of departure and go beyond notions of romantic passion to explore questions such as, “What does it mean to be a lover?” and “What is the greatest love?”

  • ·  Are Unitarian Universalists called to love?
  • ·  Does love really have anything to do with justice?
  • ·  How do we grow love in the world?We’ll draw on a few popular songs about this crazy little thing called love to help us in our contemplations.

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