Sunday Fellowship, December 1, 2019

Lyndon Harris will be sharing “And who is my Neighbor?” The Biblical Ethic of Concern and Care for the Refugee.” The plight of immigrants and refugees has become a central issue in the political wars of the present national context, and an ongoing topic for discussion and action by communities of faith and humanistic good will. What is our ethical obligation to the refugee, the immigrant, those fleeing persecution? Join us December 1st, for an exploration of the biblical ethical code of care for the refugee, and why this commitment of love is an important foundation of civil society.

Speaking of refugees…

Over the past few years, our UU fellowship has been supporting political refugees and immigrants by sending aid to the Mastaki family who fled to our country from Goma in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

(see Some of the family members will be visiting for the Thanksgiving weekend, and will be able to join us at fellowship this coming Sunday.


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