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UUFCF Meeting on October 6

The Exuberance of Francis: What a 12th Century Saint Can Teach Us Today

Many churches around the world commemorate the life and work of Saint Francis of Assisi on or near October 4th, by offering a blessing of animals. This is to honor what Saint Francis held sacred and to celebrate his love for all creation. But there is so much more to this twelfth century mystic: he was a pioneer in ecumenism, seeking to prevent the 5th Crusade by meeting with the Sultan; he was a revolutionary working on behalf of the poor; and he was grounded in a spirituality that honored all living and non-living things. In this teaching, we will go “beyond the birdbath” in search of this unique and compelling spiritual leader.

UUFCF Meeting on October20

The Spiritual Practice of Yom Kippur: A Healing Idea for People of All (and No) Faiths

Yom Kippur is Jewish day of fasting and repentance. As a holiday focused on repentance, it involves a lengthy fast (25 hours) and a long day of intensive prayer focused on atoning for one’s sins. One offers apology for one’s mistakes and makes amends. By doing so, one participates in the “Tikkun Olam” – the healing of the world. The practice of self-reflection and making amends is healing and beneficial to us all. We will explore the ancient understanding of Yom Kippur and seek ways we might practice these principles to our benefit.


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