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May 5, 2019


“Denial, Deception, and Love”

Rev. Michael Carter


I was listening to NPR on the way to church one morning, and the conversation (I believe the guest was a writer for the Weekly Standard) turned to how the country is so polarized around politics and culture that no one can agree on what data or facts really mean. The host spoke about the Trump base and how even if they are going against their own interests, it doesn’t seem to matter as long as it benefits the president, and yet many of them are convinced that what they are doing is right. This type of tunnel vision acknowledges only one particular political party and even one particular religion for that matter. What makes us act against our own best interests when it can appear so obvious to others that we are stuck? Let’s explore.


Rev. Carter is an ordained interfaith minister who received his BA in Letters from the College of New Rochelle and his Masters in Divinity from Union Theological Seminary in New York City in 2000. He is the former consulting minister to UUFCF and currently serves as minister at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Swannanoa Valley.



May 19, 2018


“The Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Human Being”

Lyndon Harris


Belief in the dignity and worth of every human being is the first founding principle of Unitarian Universalism. But what does that mean? And how do we do it? This teaching will be a reflection upon the sources for this first principle, and a consideration of its implications for community. Drawing upon experiences of the disenfranchised to assert their rights for self-determination and identity, we will consider ways be supportive as we grow into that “Beloved Community” of Dr. King’s dream.



A forgiveness coach, peace activist, and an inspirational and motivational speaker, consulting minister Lyndon Harris has spoken at numerous conferences across the United States and around the world. His work at Ground Zero as priest-in-charge of Saint Paul’s Chapel (located directly across from the World Trade Center in New York City) has been written about widely, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, and Die Zeit (Hamburg).




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