Virtual Service 5.16.2021

Spiritual Empowerment after the Pandemic: Claiming Your Role as the Author of Your Life in the “Next” Normal. 

Lyndon Harris

As of May 12th, over 153 million people have received one or both doses of a COVID vaccine in the U.S. With vaccines now available on demand, we have entered a new era of public health. Despite the efforts of those who oppose or are afraid of getting a vaccine, we are on our way toward the “next” normal: cautiously eating in restaurants, meeting in small groups, and reconnecting with family members and loved ones. But are there spiritual principles and resources available to guide our way?

Come join us at 10:30 as we explore the wisdom of Unitarian Universalism, positive psychology and the science of flourishing to inspire us as we chart our new path toward the future.

Just click on this: Sunday Service or by phone 646-876-9923 –  Meeting  #998 1166 5596

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