Virtual Service August 16, 2020

Values for the Journey Ahead

August 16, 2020 10:30 AM

Values help us steer through challenging times. Values are guides that influence our behavior and our responses to difficulties. As we navigate our way forward through this time of COVID-19 – or as some have called it, the “coronacoaster” – we can find strength and momentum by examining and becoming clear about what our values are. Our values give life meaning and keep us on track. Our conscience is troubled when we are not true to our values. The ancient stoic philosophers referred to values as “virtues.” Wisdom, Justice, Courage and Moderation are the cardinal virtues of the stoic – an excellent selection. Are there others? What are yours? In the early 2000’s the VIA Institute (VIA = “Values in Action”) started a science-based values inventory to help people identify and strengthen their values and character strengths. We will explore the meaning and impact of our values, especially as we face the challenges of our time. If you’d like to take the free values assessment survey (not required, but recommended) in preparation for our conversation on Sunday, please go to:

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