In-person service October 3, 2021

Sunday, October 3, 2021  10:30 AM

Whimsical World Gallery, 116 Jones St., Landrum, SC


Lyndon Harris

The Feast of Saint Francis

On the first Sunday in the beautiful month of October, we invite you to join us as we celebrate and appreciate the natural order – “stars, galaxies, planets, and this fragile earth our island home.” We will honor the legacies of Francis of Assisi, Carl Sagan, and begin a discussion of the cosmos and spirituality.

Press Release: Lyndon Harris honored at 20th Anniversary of 9/11

Press Release:

Local Minister to Speak at 20th Anniversary Observance of 9/11 in NYC

In 2001, Lyndon Harris was serving as priest in charge of St. Paul’s Chapel, an Episcopal chapel directly across the street from the World Trade Center. Lyndon was there when the terrorists attacked and the Twin Towers collapsed. For the next eight months, he served first responders and emergency personnel by setting up a relief mission, providing a safe haven from the devastation at Ground Zero. He and a team of volunteers worked tirelessly to provide over a half million meals, chiropractic care, grief counseling, religious services and even concerts for the 9/11 workers. For the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, Lyndon will return to Saint Paul’s, to be a part of the Calling of Names Ceremony, and to offer a reflection for the volunteers.

Harris now serves as the minister of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Carolina Foothills, a congregation with members from several towns along I-74 and I-26.  This Sunday, September 5 at 10:30, he will share stories and lessons from his harrowing experience and its aftermath. The event will take place at the Whimsical World Gallery on 116 Jones Street in Landrum, SC.

In the twenty years since the World Trade Center disaster, Harris has dedicated his time and energy to a mission of Forgiveness, and inspired the creation of “Gardens of Forgiveness” in several countries.  There’s even a local one in Zirconia, where Harris and his wife Maria now call home. He continues to serve as speaker, coach, and workshop leader to churches and organizations around the globe.

More information about Lyndon Harris and his work can be found at The UU Church of the Carolina Foothills ( meets the first and third Sundays of each month at the Whimsical World Gallery at 116 Jones Street in Landrum.


In-person Service September 19, 2021


“No More Shall Grief of Mine the Season Wrong”

September 19, 2021 10:30AM

Whimsical World Gallery, 116 Jones St., Landrum, SC

Reverend Ernie Mills

Most of our beliefs, attitudes and sentiments toward aging and death have been shaped over the millennia by mythologies found in the Bible. The very opening of Genesis describes how Eve and Adam brought death into the world because they disobeyed God’s command not to eat the forbidden fruit. Death, then, is understood to be a “punishment for sins,” which became a core belief of Paul’s gospel and subsequently of Christianity. My hope is to counter these attitudes and beliefs and offer another perspective that gives more grace and dignity to the process of aging, dying and death. Rather than resist or deny aging, the question is, how can we embrace it and grow wiser for it? Carl Jung, the founder of Depth Psychology once said “death can become a goal toward which we strive.”

In-person Service September 5, 2021

The Future of our Past:  Some thoughts on 9/11 twenty years on

September 5, 2021  10:30AM

Whimsical World Gallery, 116 Jones St., Landrum SC

Lyndon Harris


On September 5th our minister, Lyndon Harris, will share stories and lessons from his first-hand experience of the terrorists’ attacks in NYC on September 11, 2001. At the time Lyndon was serving as priest in charge of Saint Paul’s Chapel, the Episcopal chapel directly across the street from the former World Trade Center. Lyndon will recount his harrowing journey from being at the foot of the South Tower as the second hi-jacked airplane collided with it, to setting up a relief mission to serve first responders and emergency personnel working in the devastated WTC site. For 8.5 months Lyndon and an amazing team of volunteers sought to meet the needs of first responders, serving over 1⁄2 million meals, and providing services such as massage therapy, chiropractic care, grief counseling, religious services and music. Saint Paul’s Chapel was described as an “oasis of Heaven in the midst of Hell.”

Someone once asked Mr. Rogers how to speak to the children about 9/11, and he responded, “Tell them to keep their eyes on the helpers.” Sage advice. Please join us on Sunday September 5th as Lyndon shares stories, photos, and remembrances of the amazing helpers – firefighters, police officers, construction workers, and volunteers – who courageously served our country in response to the attacks on 9/11 in NYC.

In-person Service August 15, 2021

After the “Forever Wars”:

Possibilities for Conflict Transformation and Peacemaking in Afghanistan and Why It Deeply Matters to Us Today – Lyndon Harris



US forces are being withdrawn from Afghanistan, after a generation of fighting against the Taliban, a war precipitated by the Taliban’s attacks on the US in 2001. The withdrawal, while expedient for the US, has created a leadership vacuum, already being filled by the encroachment of Taliban forces and leadership. But despite the political chaos, many humanitarian organizations are active and standing courageously in the breach. One in particular, “Roots of Peace” has had a singular focus for almost 20 years: clearing fields littered with landmines and turning them into fertile vineyards to grow grapes – literally “turning swords into plowshares.” Since 2003, they have removed over 100,000 landmines and unexploded bombs, and helped over 1 million farmers across eight countries. Hear the amazing story of this organization, its CEO, Heidi Kuhn, and how we might participate in their vital work for the healing of Afghanistan, and the world.

In-person Service August 1, 2021

Why the heck do we “light a chalice?”

A Glimpse into UU Traditions from the Perspective of a Newby – Lyndon Harris



Have you ever wondered, like me, why Unitarian Universalists “light a chalice”? My first thought was, “No, that’s for wine.” But the lighting of the chalice has been adopted into UU tradition as a symbol of many things, especially political resistance, and religious freedom. According to Harvard University’s Pluralism Project, the flaming chalice officially became a Unitarian symbol during World War II, as a symbol of the political resistance against Nazism and Fascism. Come join us, as we take a look at the extraordinary history and meaning of this symbol, and consider the ways it inspires us to action in the world today.

In-Person Service July 18, 2021

A Return to Love,  with Lyndon Harris

July 18, 10:30AM

Landrum Depot, Landrum, SC


In 1992, Marianne Williamson captured the imagination of many in the world with the publication of her book, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Spiritual Principles of A Course in Miracles. Spending 39 weeks on the New York Times’ bestseller list, the book’s principal idea is that practicing love every day brings more peace and fulfillment to one’s life.
Drawing from ideas in the book, and from other sources, Lyndon will offer a reflection on what it might mean for us to ―return to love‖ as we return to meeting together in person. Love, compassion, kindness, and justice are the cornerstones of Unitarian Universalism spirituality, and in our present world – often characterized by polarization, isolation, and hostility – this kind of love is needed now more than ever. Discussion to follow. Join us!

Virtual Service June 6, 2021

Embracing the Heroic Journey of Your Life – Lyndon Harris

10:30 AM

The Flu epidemic of 1918 was followed by the “Roaring 20‟s.” What could possibly lie in wait for us at the end of our time‟s pandemic? Will we embrace the possibilities ahead with courage and vigor, or will we go forth, more cautiously and carefully? Which is better? We are living in a threshold time, and the universe is calling us forth to adventure.

Join us for a conversation about the spiritual implications of this threshold time, and an exploration of the possibilities on our post-COVID spiritual journey, guided by Joseph Campbell‟s schema, “the Hero‟s Journey.”

Virtual Service 5.16.2021

Spiritual Empowerment after the Pandemic: Claiming Your Role as the Author of Your Life in the “Next” Normal. 

Lyndon Harris

As of May 12th, over 153 million people have received one or both doses of a COVID vaccine in the U.S. With vaccines now available on demand, we have entered a new era of public health. Despite the efforts of those who oppose or are afraid of getting a vaccine, we are on our way toward the “next” normal: cautiously eating in restaurants, meeting in small groups, and reconnecting with family members and loved ones. But are there spiritual principles and resources available to guide our way?

Come join us at 10:30 as we explore the wisdom of Unitarian Universalism, positive psychology and the science of flourishing to inspire us as we chart our new path toward the future.

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