Service October 29, 2023

Personal Journeys into Unitarian Universalism   Ernie Mills

10:30 AM   Whimsical World Gallery, Landrum SC

Most of the newest members of Unitarian Universalist congregations in the South
have come from Protestant or Catholic backgrounds or no religious background at all. It is exciting to hear how they found their way and what precipitated their journey out of their traditional church homes into UU. I have asked two of our members to share their stories. My hope is that we can continue this theme every 5th Sunday.

Service October 15, 2023

What’s in a Creation Story?   Ernie Mills

10:30AM  at Harmon Field Open Air Shelter (between the cabin and the track). Service is followed by a potluck picnic.

Creation stories are universal. The Genesis creation story found in the Bible is, by far, not the oldest or most original story. Creation stories set the stage for the life of the people who believed them (and many still believe in the literal Genesis myth of creation). Creation stories also serve to orient us in what would otherwise be a chaotic universe, the “formless void”. The latest creation story for those who are more scientifically minded could be the opening chapter in Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos”. What’s your creation story?

Service October 1, 2023

Let it Be a Dance    Ernie Mills

10:30AM   Whimsical World Gallery, Landrum SC

Dancing is a whole lot more than an art form or merely a form
of entertainment. It is a language that expresses deep emotions,
passions and impulses. It played a vital role in the evolution
of human consciousness as our ancestors transitioned from wild,
involuntary movement to gestures with meaning. “Deep within
us lie forgotten strains of it like obsolete charmed sleepers of
romance.” –Liucian De saltatoine. We will explore our human
roots in the great dance of life.

Service September 17, 2023

The Art of Compromise  by Rev. Ernie Mills

10:30AM Whimsical World Gallery, Landrum SC

You’ve probably heard the saying “Sometimes it might be better to be happy than right.” Yet what if being right is what makes us happy (even when it may make the other unhappy)? One of the most important ingredients in healthy, human relationships is the willingness to compromise and if being right all the time is what makes us happy – well, so much for healthy, happy relationships. The art of compromise is a spiritual practice as well as a strength of character. The unwillingness to compromise is a sign of weakness and often ignorance. Compromising is an “art” rather than an exact science, because it involves much more than logic and reason. Compromise most often demands that we set our emotions and our need to be right aside for the sake of healthy, happy relationships. We’ll examine this art under the microscope of compassion.

Service September 3, 2023

The Soul of Things   by Rev. Ernie Mills

10:30AM Whimsical World Gallery, Landrum SC

At a level of the psyche we call the “unconscious,” we experience life similar to the ways children, poets and “primitives” do; that is a world filled not with “things” or “its,” but with living, animated beings possessing feelings and emotions- an “I-thou” world. At this level, “things” have souls. These kinds of experiences are often deemed irrational, childish and illogical and subsequently repressed in favor of reason. Yet they still live in the depths of our unconscious and influence our lives in powerful ways. We will explore the soul in “things” and how we are moved in ways we are not always aware of.

Service August 20, 2023

The God Problem   by Rev Ernie Mills

10:30AM  Whimsical World Gallery, Landrum SC

As Unitarian Universalists we accept a diversity of beliefs when it comes to God (or you may prefer, god, gods, goddess, goddesses) and we even accept unbelief, that is, atheism. In this reflection we will explore the “god” idea and its many and varied implications.

Service August 6, 2023

The Japanese Christ    by Rev Ernest Mills

10:30AM Whimsical World Gallery, Landrum SC

Hoori is the title of an old Japanese myth about a hunter who, in pursuit of a lost fish hook, descends into the depths of the sea and finds a real treasure, the treasure “hard to attain.” This myth from Japan offers a perfect example of the parallelism found in mythologies from around the world. The magic number in this myth and a later myth applied to Christ is the number three (3). We will see how these stories parallel and get at the core message and meaning they reveal.