Service September 17, 2023

The Art of Compromise  by Rev. Ernie Mills

10:30AM Whimsical World Gallery, Landrum SC

You’ve probably heard the saying “Sometimes it might be better to be happy than right.” Yet what if being right is what makes us happy (even when it may make the other unhappy)? One of the most important ingredients in healthy, human relationships is the willingness to compromise and if being right all the time is what makes us happy – well, so much for healthy, happy relationships. The art of compromise is a spiritual practice as well as a strength of character. The unwillingness to compromise is a sign of weakness and often ignorance. Compromising is an “art” rather than an exact science, because it involves much more than logic and reason. Compromise most often demands that we set our emotions and our need to be right aside for the sake of healthy, happy relationships. We’ll examine this art under the microscope of compassion.

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