Service Feb 18, 2024

UUs Go To Hell    Reverend Ernie Mills

In Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” Huck is committing a grave sin by helping a runaway slave, Jim, to escape. Twain’s story is fictional but it is not a fiction that African Americans were considered less human and did not share the same emotions as Caucasians. The turning point in the story is when Huck and Jim are floating down the Mississippi river on a homemade raft. It’s night and Huck overhears Jim crying for his family. Huck then realizes that Jim has a heart and is human. And although Huck believes he is breaking a law of God he experiences a life-changing, existential crisis and says to himself, “Alright I’ll go to hell.”

Unitarian Universalists come from a long line of “Huck Finns.” They are those who have stood up against institutions of power and authority, whether religious, political or even “God” (or gods made in human images.) We’ll take a brief look at this history and what it means to “go to hell” for the cause of justice.

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